Thursday, September 15, 2011

Market offerings 9/17/2011

Market offerings 9/17/11 Changing with the seasons & Honoring requests

Since you asked...A new batch of Comfrey Salve is now available. Excellent tissue repair for preventing scars, healing wounds, fractures, broken bones, torn tendons, carpal tunnel, arthritis, hemorrhoids, swellings, varicosities, bruises, burns, sunburn, eczema, psoriasis, wrinkles, pregnant bellies, diaper rash, sore nipples, etc.

Just in time for Cold & Flu season….

Flu-less In Berryville: A child –friendly liquid formula that is sweet yet powerful, to prevent the flu and colds with anti-viral, anti-bacterial, immune boosting herbs.

Breathe Easy: A child’s yummy formula for helping with stuffy noses, itchy eyes and annoying coughs.

Liquid Gold: The adult version for preventing the flu, colds, sore throats and upper respiratory infections, named by one of Geo’s clients who can’t live without it!

New Herbal Teas are on the way…

Apres Dinner Digesteaf = a full bodied after dinner tea, to aid in digestion and relaxation, spicy, rich and warming for autumn and winter.

Flu-less in Berryville = The tea version of the child’s formula, this is serious tea…. “no namby pamby, isn’t this pleasant?” Rather this is a medicinal tea that has notes of elderberries, lemon, peppermint and thyme. Very potent when you need it most!

Geo’s soon to be famous Super Sassafras Tea. Makes great root beer- flavored popsicles! Free tastings….with a smile.

We now have “The Rejuvenator for Her”: A sweet-tart flavored adaptogen that enhances energy, mood, metabolism, memory, immunity, weight loss, stamina & sleep. Also supports thyroid, kidney & liver function, + respiratory and nervous systems.

Geo is Still Jammin! Again we have a variety of Organic Fruit & Herb Jams sweetened with Honey & White Grape Juice! Varieties include: Peach Pie, Ginger-Peach, Green Pepper Jelly, Red & Green Hot Pepper Jelly (made with sugar).

Organic Produce: Autumn Delicata Squash, great for stuffing and easy to cook, plus Yellow sweet bell peppers, Kung Pao Red Hot peppers, Suyo Asian Burpless Cucumbers, Heirloom Tomatoes, Heirloom Green & Dragon Tongue beans, Malabar spinach.

Back by popular demand: Itches, Ouches & Stings all purpose salve for all summer skin injuries.

As requested, we have a new batch of “The Rejuvenator for Men”: A sweet tonic used to enhance strength, endurance, adaptation to stress; offers protection and repair of liver/endocrine organs, cooling emotional reactions, enhances overall vitality and vigor! Free tasting samples….

Herbal Salves & Digestive Bitters, which make believers out of skeptics of natural medicines. Kid-friendly natural medicines.

Now taking special orders at market for natural medicines! For those of you who have placed them, I will bring them along this Saturday.

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