Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 25 Offerings Berryville Market

Hello Friends,

It’s been a great week for cool weather crops! Come early for the last of the Asparagus!

The native red raspberries locally known as wine berries or thimbleberries are just beginning….like juicy Rubies in salads and on cereals, desserts, make great jelly and wine!

Freshly-picked Organic Produce including Black Raspberries, Day-Lily Buds(lovely with asparagus), Mammoth Melting Snow peas, Sweet & Crisp Sugar Snap Peas, Heirloom Leafy greens (Various Kales, Swiss chard, Spinach), Lettuces w/ Edible flowers, fresh & dried herbs. Come early, as they sell out quickly.

Herbal tea blends, including Geo’s soon to be famous Super Sassafras Tea. This week’s tea features Be Cool (unsweetened minty thirst quencher ) and Be Light which is a diabetic and dieter’s delight! It is sweet without sugar or calories, aiding in healthy blood sugar regulation, detoxification and weight management with metabolic support. Free tastings….with a smile.

There are a few bottles available of “The Rejuvenator” for Men….A sweet tonic used to enhance strength, endurance, adaptation to stress; offers protection and repair of liver/endocrine organs, cooling emotional reactions, enhances overall vitality and vigor!

Free tasting samples….

Herbal Salves & Digestive Bitters, which make believers out of skeptics of natural medicines. Kid-friendly natural medicines. Now taking special orders at market for natural medicinals!

Green Blessings - Geo