Trustworthy Brands

Who to trust...Since the Herb and Supplement industry is unregulated in the US.  Here are some retail brands that I can confidently recommend.

A Sampling of Trusted Brands of Herbs and Supplements

o   Ayurceutics
o   Banyan
o   Equinox (Wildcrafted and Homegrown in Ohio)
o   Four Elements (Homegrown Wisconsin…excellent salves)
o   Frontier
o   Fungi Perfecti (Olympia, WA) (medicinal mushrooms)
o   Gaia (Farmed in Asheville, NC)
o   Galen’s Way (Hand crafted w/ professional standards)
o   Heartsong Farm (Homegrown, New Hampshire)
o   Herbalist and Alchemist
o   Herb Pharm
o   Jarrow
o   MediHerb (only through practitioners)
o   Mountain Rose
o   Mushroom Harvest (Athens Ohio)(lovely Ohio grown medicinal mushrooms)
o   Nature’s Way
o   Oregon Wild Harvest
o   Pacific Botanicals
o   Planetary
o   Scientific Botanicals
o   Simplers
o   Source Naturals
o   Sugar Hill Botanicals (Homegrown, New Hampshire)
o   Threshold
o   Wakanaga
o   Woodland Essence (rare Wildcrafted products from the North woods)
o   Vital Botanicals

Vitamins & Supplements, Homeopathic & Flower Essences:
o   Boiron
o   Bach Flower
o   Carlson’s
o   Innate
o   Jarrow
o   New Chapter & Nordic Naturals
o   Pioneer
o   Rainbow Light
o   Standard Process
o   Trace Mineral (seaweed based supplements)

Specific Products Geo often recommends:
o   Ayurceutics:  Boswelia
o   Carlson’s Fish Super Omega Oils 1000 mg
o   Carlson’s Super Cod Liver Oil
o   Equinox:  Garlic Mullein ear oil
o   Four Elements:  No X E Ma cream (for eczema)
o   Innate:  1 daily w/o Fe
o   Innate:  B-complex
o   Jarrow:  Antioxidant Optimizer
o   Jarrow:  C+Olive Leaf 1000 mg
o   Jarrow:  Curcumin 95 18:1 concentrate
o   Jarrow:  Ginkgo 50:1
o   Jarrow:  Glucose Optimizer
o   Jarrow:  Quercetin 500 mg
o   Jarrow:  Kids Multi
o   Jarrow:  Vision Optimizer
o   New Chapter Wholemega
o   New Chapter Prostate 5LX
o   Oregon Wild Harvest:  Nettles freeze-dried
o   Oregon Wild Harvest:  St John’s Wort .3% hypericin 350 mg
o   Planetary:  Guggul compound
o   Planetary:  Hawthorn 450 mg lf/flwr 100 mg berry
o   Planetary:  Stevia liquid concentrate
o   Source Naturals:  concentrates of Elderberry, Black Cherry, Cranberry
o   Threshold:  Prostate Optimizer
o   Trace Minerals:  Trace Minerals
o   Trace Minerals:  Cal:Mag 1:1
o   Wakanaga:  Estro-Logic