Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Honey: Sweet Cough Relief

If you want to quiet a nighttime cough, honey has been found to work more effectively than over the counter cough syrups and suppressants. A Pennsylvania study of more than 100 children authored by Ian Paul, M.D. confirmed that it is also effective for older adults coughing when associated with a cold.

It coats and soothes an irritated throat to interrupt and calm repeated coughing, It is generally safe and can be used as often as needed. When using raw honey, you can also enjoy its anti-microbial effects to help fight infections. A recommended dose is 2 tsp for an adult per dose; 1 tsp for children. It is not recommended for children under 15 months, due to potential botulism spores introduced to an immature immune system. If you are diabetic, it may be too high in sugar for your use...sorry! Try some licorice root and wild cherry tea or syrup instead!

If a cough is persistent or severe, and is accompanied by breathing difficulty, increased breathing rate, blueness of skin, blood in mucous, loss of weight, or has lasted longer than 2 weeks, seek prompt medical attention.

Otherwise, enjoy the sweet relief!

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